Supporting veterinarians to improve animal welfare by providing new treatment options.

eCS Vet offers veterinarians, nurses and other pet practitioners the support they need to effectively and efficiently prescribe natural medicines to pets in Australia. To our valued clients and veterinarians, we are in the process of simplifying our website to make all of our processes easier. You will no longer need to lodge your scripts through the portal! We are now accepting scripts through email. While we build out this process, you can contact your eCS Vet representative at for support. Vet Prescriber Portal or Register as a Veterinarian

Safe. Informed. Supported

eCS Vet equips vets and their care team with a safe clinical pathway to new therapies for their pets.

The eCS Vet toolkit provides vets and nurses with the clinical tools they need to facilitate a streamlined and informed approach to prescribing natural medicines to pets.

Getting Started

How to Get Started

For Owners of Pets and Vets

eCS Vet provides a comprehensive and streamlined process for vets and their nurses to assess and support your pet to achieve optimized treatment goals.

  • Pet Owner Steps
  • Veterinarian Steps
  • Consultation

    Step 1


    At your appointment, your vet will thoroughly assess your pet. If your vet considers natural therapy appropriate, they will have an open discussion about your pets condition and symptoms, as well as treatment goals.


    Step 2


    Your vet will write a prescription for your pet’s medicine. The medicine will either be supplied immediately from the vet practice, or the prescription will be sent to a specialised pharmacy. The pharmacy will call you (usually within 24 hours) to arrange delivery.

    On Going Support

    Step 3

    On-Going Support

    You may be asked to complete a ”Pet Journal” to keep a record of your pet’s symptoms, especially during the titration period. Sharing this journal with your vet allows more accurate monitoring of your pet’s treatment and progress. On-going visits to your vet allows them to optimize your pet’s long-term outcome, goals and overall health.

  • Consultation


    Have you checked and assessed this animal?  If you think the animal could benefit from out natural medicines, you may choose to prescribe the treatment that suits their needs.


    In-clinic Dispensing

    After prescribing our medicines and you determine the response needs to be immediate and you have an emergency supply, you can choose to dispense the medicine directly to the owner. Medications can be ordered from a specialised pharmacy and safely and securely store at your premises.


    Pharmacy Dispensing

    The owner can also be dispensed by the eCS Health Member Pharmacy with your prescription. This pharmacy will call the owner (usually within 24 hours) to arrange delivery.

    On Going Support

    On-going Support

    Keep in touch with the owner and watch for changes in symptoms or side effects. Use our “Pet Journal” to assist you. You may also wish to test blood liver levels if the pet has several medications.

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