TGA Application

Australian animals can’t access all of the medicinal cannabis medications that are currently available to us less-furry animals. We’d love your help to change this.

What are the changes?

Currently, vets ONLY have access to S4 medicinal cannabis medicines through compounding formulations. But vets have NO access to the new S3 (adult persons only – humans) or S8 (e.g. THC:CBD; “for human therapeutic use”) schedules.

eCS Vet (previously CANNect Veterinary) has applied to amend the wording for the S8 CANNABIS and TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL entries – changing them from “human therapeutic use” to “human or animal therapeutic use”.

By rewording these Schedule 8 entries, Australians will be able to:

  1. Expand the veterinary treatment paradigm in Australia in a major way: improving the care, health and wellbeing of our furry friends.
  2. Provide safe access to cannabis products for veterinary patients: preventing illegal, unregulated, and unstandardized forms of cannabis.
  3. Improve their support for pet owners: veterinarians will be able to provide precise support and advice to owners regarding the use, quality and follow-up of these new medications.

TGA Application

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